The Thistletop Household Photo Album
(Updated 12.22.2004)

Almost all of these pictures have been reduced in resolution by at least 50% or more for easier/faster web viewing. Any friends or family that would like the full-sized originals for printing, please just let me know.

2004 Wrapup
If it happened between September and Christmas of this year, and I remembered to take a couple of snaps, it's in here. Basically, that means some Halloween and Haunt pix, and various holiday events (mostly the Mission Inn, the semi-major project that was getting this year's monster tree in and up, and Santa). Anything that happens between today and 2005 is going into next year's album. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Princess Tea
Just a one-page quickie update this time; these were actually taken before we left for Hawaii. Ari went to a "Princess Tea" Disney movie event out in Hollywood with Chani and her Nana. Also a couple of pictures from a trip to Travel Town and the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum in LA.

Run - He's Got The Vacation Slides!
So, *that's* what a real vacation is like! For the first time ever, all three of us took off for a genuine no-fooling not-just-a-weekend-in-San-Diego vacation - specifically, to Hawaii. And here are the pictures to prove it, over 300 of them. Of course, those of you who aren't actually blood relations are under no obligation whatsoever to actually *look* at these. I know there's nothing like looking at page after page of someone else's holiday snaps. But for Grandma and the rest of you, these are mandatory. Trust me, I'll know if you just start the slideshow and pop out for a movie. And speaking of movies, there are (more than) a few of those, too. Oh, yes. Bwahahaha...

The (mostly underwater) movie files are on their own page, here.
You *do* have a nice fat broadband connection, right?

Ari Birthday / Grab Bag 2004 Part 1
Actually, there are no pictures of Ari's birthday party this year. None. It was at a bowling alley, in the dark, which is a photographic environment that my digital camera just doesn't get along with. But we have other stuff, from a holiday trip to Disneyland through a jaunt to Catalina Island a few months ago, to some of our Easter festivities, to minigolf with (Great) Grandma, to a soggy day at the Renaissance Faire, and another less-soggy one on Mother's Day, and Ari in her dance recital costume.

My New Nephew!
How old was Einstein when he came up with all that relativity technobabble? I think it's a relevant question, because I'm more and more convinced that time moves faster as one ages. There's no other explanation for the fact that I don't seem to have posted *any* pictures here for the first six months of 2004. I *have* taken quite a few, they just haven't made it online! They're coming, really.

That isn't just a rant, it's relevant - little Ziv isn't exactly *new*, either. He's getting uncomfortably close to his first birthday. But this was the first time *I* had the chance to spend some time in person with him, on a little trip up to Big Bear. Oh, and his Dad was there, too (but not the third leg of our triad, which explains the "Bad Siri" pictures for some of you). And as for the first picture, I have no idea why the Moonridge Animal Park encourages you to hold their mule deer in the palm of your hand, but there it is.


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