The Thistletop Household Photo Album
(Updated 1.4.2004)

Almost all of these pictures have been reduced in resolution by at least 50% or more for easier/faster web viewing. Any friends or family that would like the full-sized originals for printing, please just let me know.

I've actually had the 2003 Rollup set of pictures edited and ready to go for over a week, but I've been wrestling with two different programs trying to get the HTML photo album to look/work exactly the way I want. If I keep that up, it'll be 2004 before the set is posted, so here they are "as is". There's now a slideshow feature now; once you're viewing a picture set click on the little icon at the bottom that looks like a VCR "Play" button.

The "absolutely free humorous and edifying annotations" will be back - that's what I've been wrestling with.

Slay Bells Ring (Dec 31, 2003)
We put on another Murder Party this for New Year's Eve, from Dinner and a Murder - everyone had a great time, and the whodunit actually made sense this time. If you have enough to spare, we highly recommend killing off your closest friends and relations as a form of light entertainment. You might want to pass on the midnight "Rocky Horror Picture Show" screening, though - I think it was more traumatic than the evening's deaths for some attendees. Or maybe it was just my annual performance of the Time Warp that sent more people running for the bathroom than the tequila...

2003 Rollup (Mar-Dec 2003)
It's been one of those years where I suddenly look up and realize it's almost Christmas - and that I haven't posted any new pictures since Spring. So, here's virtually all of 2003 in one big (but not nearly big enough - I've been slacking on the picture-taking again) lump. Everything from Easter through our move to the new house to this year's visit from Grandpa to some Halloween stuff (can't believe I didn't take even *one* picture of our graveyard and the other exterior decorations) and a few early Christmas pictures.


Grab Bag (Jan-Mar 2003)
*Lots* of new stuff in this one; almost one hundred pictures accumulated over the last few months. Leftovers from Christmas, playing in the snow, visits with Grandma and Grandpa, swimming with the dolphins, Ari's (#6) and Mielikki's birthday parties, etc.

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