The Thistletop Household Photo Album
(2002 Archive)

Almost all of these pictures have been reduced in resolution by at least 50% or more for easier/faster web viewing. Any friends or family that would like the full-sized originals for printing, please just let me know.

Almost Christmas (Dec 2002)
Ok, ordinarily I might have just held off on posting this update until *after* Christmas (ok, it would've been 2003), so I could include the disaster area shots from the morning of the 25th. However, some (one) of you who shall go unnamed twisted my arm hard enough to get 'em up early. Here are some shots from this year's Christmas Train ride to see Santa, dress-up shots from all of us (including yours truly in a tuxedo for only the third time in his life), and this year's indoor/outdoor holiday light extravaganza.

Halloween 2002 (Nov 2002)
Here are those long-overdue pics of Ari in her school uniform, along with this year's trip to the pumpkin patch, Daddy and Uncle Siri at Knott's Halloween Haunt, and our family's 2002 Edition Halloween / Anniversary Celebration. Instead of sweating under masks, this year Donna spent almost four hours applying latex prosthetics and makeup to the two of us, along with some f/x fangs and contacts - the results were suitably horrifying. Be warned, the very last picture in this set isn't for those with weak stomachs... :-)

Grandpa 2002 (Aug 2002)
Used Grandpa's visit this year as an excuse for acquiring a new pocket-size camera, so this is a *big* update. The set includes doing the tourist thing at Sea World and Disneyland with Grandpa (Ari's), our big annual house party, and this year's motorcyle ride out to Solvang (once again with both Ari's Grandpa and Daddy's, who turned 83 that day). We're still working on some pictures of Ari in her new kindergarten uniform.

Southern Faire (Jun 2002)
Not much to say about these, just a few pictures from our family trip out to the Renaissance Faire this year. I always have so much fun out there that I forget to take more pictures, but don't my ladies look great?

Ragged Point (Apr 2002)
Another motorcycle run with our friends up the California coast to Ragged Point and Big Sur. This was both Czernabog's and Donna's first serious road trip (around 900 miles for the weekend), and they both did great - I'll forever sing the praises of Corbin saddles. We stopped by the motorcycle museum in Solvang on the way up this time, and wandered down through the mountains between San Luis Obispo and Gorman on the way back.

Easter 2002
Easter is turning into a big event around here - for the second installment of what by mutual agreement is going to be an annual tradition, we had all of the neighbors and their kids over in the morning for an egg hunt / water fight in the back yard (taking care to avoid the baby hummingbirds and their nest in one of our trees). It was even more fun than it looks here. Again, I have more video than stills, and will try to get at least a few clips up.

Reunion 2002
My brother (and Ari's uncle) BJ flew down from Seattle for the weekend, with his girlfriend Mika - we hadn't seen him in six or seven years (so Ari had never actually met her uncle). Spent most of the weekend messing around down around the beach, Balboa or Laguna, and won't be waiting quite so long for the next one (right, guys?). Shot more video than stills over the weekend; I hope to get some clips up here.

Break a Leg (Jan 2002)
To get the year off on the right, er, wrong foot, in January Ari fell off a playhouse at school and what we thought initially to be just a sprain turned out to be a fractured right ankle. Once past the initial shock, it didn't slow our girl down a bit - she was briefly disappointed not to get "crunches" after all, but then the cast turned into an art project.

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