Hawaii in Motion

Although the little pocket Sony Cybershots I took with us to Hawaii do have the ability to shoot short digital movies, they aren't *really* camcorders, so these are relatively low-res and jittery. But especially when trying to get decent pictures underwater (where *maybe* one in five of the still pictures I took was decent, and less than half of those might be worth showing to anyone), I found that shooting quick videos actually worked better than trying to catch something more or less in the viewfinder. I took most of these, but let Ari take the camera a few times, which resulted in some um, rather unsteady POV. If you're prone to motion sickness, you've been warned. Oh, and you might want to turn down the speakers, too, at least "By Land" - quite a bit of wind noise on most of these (and almost nothing you'll actually want to hear).

All of these are in MPG format, 640x480x24b, (filesize) is approximate.

By Sea

MOV00708 (36M) Swimming with a Sea Turtle in our lagoon MOV01239 (4.5M) Snorkeling - Mermaid Head-On
MOV00901 (7M) Blowhole at the Botanical Gardens MOV01241 (18M) Snorkeling - Big Blue
MOV01226 (11M) Snorkeling - Puffer MOV01262 (40M) Catamaran Dolphins - these raced under the boat for about a mile.
MOV01214 (13M) Snorkeling - Eel MOV01243 (8M) Snorkeling
MOV01215 (8.5M) Snorkeling - Eel MOV01224 (15.5M) Snorkeling
MOV01216 (5M) Snorkeling MOV01223 (10M) Snorkeling
MOV01217 (9M) Snorkeling - Noisy Parrotfish MOV01231 (11M) Snorkeling - Mermaids
MOV01227 (10M) Snorkeling - Yellow School MOV01230 (7M) Snorkeling - Big Blues
MOV01228 (27M) Snorkeling - Ari (shaky, but watch closely for the mermaid at about 0:42). MOV01220 (6M) Snorkeling - Parrotfish

By Land

MOV00209 (41M) Scenic Road north of Hilo MOV00846 (59M) Scenic Road south of Botanical Gardens
MOV00298 (11M) Top of volcano MOV00941 (69M) Scenic Road north of Botanical Gardens
MOV00709 (44M) Road past Lava Trees    

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