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The Hardware Page - Updated 03.17.05

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Ok, figured it was time to move all of this stuff about my upgrades to Czernobog over here onto a separate page. I'm also going to start posting new entries at the top, instead of at the bottom.

Of course, no self-respecting cruiser rider leaves a bike stock for long. I rode Czernobog out of the dealership with a Honda windshield, Corbin chin spoiler and dual tour saddle, and Leatherworks saddlebags, and a long wish list of additional chrome bits still to be added on. Cruiser riders look at their bikes the way George Lucas apparently views the original "Star Wars" trilogy - never quite finished. Here's the latest on my work in progress.

Updated 03.17.05

More new stuff, all on the front end this time - chrome flame fork guards, bar end helmet locks, and bullet light mounts from KewlMetal, bullet turn signals and running lights from Kuryakyn, and a chrome-flamed black headlight cowl from Xtreme Revolution. Here's an updated "naked pic" to show it all off. Those ugly stock control cables gotta go one of these days...

Oh. And here's *why* that shirt was perfect.

Updated 12.28.04

Ok, technically, it's not chrome - doesn't even bolt onto the bike. But Darkwind found this *perfect* shirt for me at Disneyland, and I had to put a picture up here.


Does that *rock* or what.

Updated 8.10.04

More little chrome bits - mounted those Kuryakyn ISO Grips, Kuryakyn ISO Pegs (Front), Cruise Peg Extensions, and Switch Covers, Cobra Swept Floorboards (Rear), and my California vanity license plate finally came in. Of course, most people will have no idea what it *says*, but that's beside the point. I've been trying to figure out how to get an airbrushed version of that Fantasia image of Czernobog atop Bald Mountain to fit on top of the tank. 'Course step #1 for that would be finding another tank. EBay, here I come! Here's a current "naked" profile shot (*that* ought to push the pageviews up a few thousand hits - thanks, Google!).



Updated 4.16.04

Had some installation problems chronicled elsewhere (strictly my fault, not the manufacturer's), but in the end this Kuryakyn tail piece is a vast improvement over the stock Honda license plate frame and signals. It also sits a little higher over the new Metzeler 880-200 series rear tire installed a couple of weeks ago, creating Czernobog's new J-Lo class rear view. Also have some new ISO grips and footpegs waiting to go on.



Updated 1.24.04

 Ok, here's Czernobog now with two sets of the amber Spider Lights  (Kuryakyn again) curling down around the front of the frame, under the tank and radiator cowling to add a little after-dark flash (not literally - while they *do* have a flashing option, using it while in motion is apparently strictly verboten). Won't be doing the illuminated spark plug covers after all; I like these better.



Updated 11.15.03

Picked up those Switchblade side cover (turns out that they're actually made by an outfit in San Diego, XtremeRevolution, and they make some other slick VTX accessories as well). They definitely give the bike a nice flowing look, especially combined with the Corbin chin spoiler.


    Updated 09.08.03

Since Metric Thunder opened up a few doors down from my office, he's been getting a lot of new hardware - a Hypercharger from Kuryakyn, along with some new mirrors, levers, and other miscellaneous bolt-on chrome to start. Next up, some slick custom Switchblade sidecovers from Aeromach, and I have my eye on some LED-backlit sparkplug covers (Kuryakyn again) to really dress things up after dark...


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