Back in the Day

So, last week I found these pictures in a storage box at my office. Don't know exactly when they were taken, but it was definitely "back in the day". I can't even name several of the people in the group shots (but then the shot from Maggie's in particular isn't very clear). Thought I'd share 'em anyway, and may be putting up more if there's any interest - I have an entire album here, mostly from Water Wars and Faire, both North and South. (Sigh). There are shots from *three* different events here, and they were all on one roll of film.

Sometimes I *really* miss the good old days...

Faire5.jpg Faire1.jpg
Faire3.jpg Faire2.jpg Faire4.jpg
Gumby2.jpg Gumby3.jpg Maggies1.jpg Maggies2.jpg
Maggies3.jpg Maggies4.jpg Maggies5.jpg

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